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xTool S1 20W með Deluxe Bundle - sérpöntun

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394.900 kr
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Deluxe pakkinn inniheldur:

  • 1x xTool S1 - 20W
  • 1x xTool S1 Honeycomb Panel
  • 1x xTool S1 Riser Base
  • 1x xTool S1 Smart Air Assist Set
  • 1x xTool Rotary Attachment 2 Pro - RA2 Pro

Whether youre a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, this powerful tool will revolutionize the way you work. With its advanced technology and unparalleled performance, the xTool S1 is the perfect companion for any job.

  • 600 mm/s
  • 498 x 319 mm Work Area
  • One-click Autofocus
  • Class 1 Laser Safety Certification
  • Switchable Laser Modules
    xTool S1

    Whether youre a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, this powerful tool will revolutionize the way you work. With its advanced technology and unparalleled performance, the xTool S1 is the perfect companion for any job.

    Class 1 Laser Safety Certification

    xTool S1 adopts fully enclosed integrated refractory shell design. Large area high-permeability cover plate, with good dual-band filtering ability, lets you get rid of ugly eye protection glasses at the same time, help you clearly observe every step of processing.

    Super strong smoke exhaust to ensure health and equipped with an extremely strong active smoke exhaust fan , the harmful gases generated by laser processing are quickly discharged to the outdoors to ensure your safety and health.

    Four-tier safety protection

    • The newly upgraded 5-way (4 front and rear baffles, 1 laser head) flame sensor system brings further flame detection capabilities.
    • Equipped with open cover detection and baseplate detection sensors to realize emergency stop when opening the cover, effectively preventing laser leakage.
    • With tilt/impact detection function, tilt or move the fuselage automatically stop and alarm, to ensure the safety of the process.
    • Emergency stop design, the emergency stop button that can be reached by hand, can stop processing at any time to ensure the safety of the operator.

    High Power and High efficiency

    Other Laser Heads: One machine can switch multiple heads to meet almost all needs. xTool can switch to 1064nm laser head and 20W laser head at will, opening up unlimited processing possibilities for you. From wood, leather, stainless steel to plastic, precious metal, acrylic and almost all common materials, it can be easily handled to create perfect works.

    Stable performance at 600mm/s: The newly upgraded guide rail structure enables the operation performance of the semiconductor gantry laser engraving machine to reach an astonishing 600mm/s . The stable structure and high-speed movement fully release the extreme performance of high-wattage lasers , bringing a 50% efficiency increase, comparable to the performance of CO2 machines.

    TwinPoint positioning, camera-like precision Two-point positioning, simpler and moreaccurate

    On xTool S1, a new encoder combined with an algorithm is used to form a full-scene layout as accurate as a coordinate system, and it is visually presented on the software, so that 100% of the physical world and the virtual world are combined, and the laser head position is presented in real time.

    Auto-focus: mastery in every outcome

    The xTool S1 offers computer-level precision focus measurement and enhances cutting power by guiding the spot to lower below the cutting surface through the auto-focus system.

    Dynamic-focus engraving: perfect on uneven surfaces

    xTool S1 boasts a cutting-edge intelligent focusing system for multi-point focus ranging and 3D object automation. Its electric Z-axis dynamically refines focus, delivering a perfect engraving effect like a plane.

    Automated passthrough: length, redefined

    xTool S1 comes with an optional Automatic Conveyor Feeder, unlocking expansive creativity up to 3000mm with auto passthrough. It guarantees precise and easy management of larger materials.

    Rotary engraving

    xTool S1, when paired with the optional RA2 Pro rotary attachment, enables intricate engravings on items like tumblers, mugs, and rings, turning each piece into a work of art.

    Maximized height. Maximized potential

    The riser base boosts xTool S1's elevation, accommodating engraving on objects up to 125mm tall and fueling boundless creativity.

    Smart air assist: flawless results, hands-free

    The air assist automatically adjusts the size of the air flow according to the processing status to achieve the best results, helping to process and create perfect results.

    Software for your seamless workflow

    • xTool Creative Space: Get started quickly with our user-friendly software.
    • Lightburn: The mature engraving software for common laser cutter.