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Wash & Cure Max Hreinsistöð 14.9l.

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The Wash & Cure Max from Anycubic simplifies the handling for people who likes to print with resin. With only a few pushes of a button, this machine cannot only wash your prints, but also cure them. Compared to its predecessors, Wash & Cure Max fits larger volumes, is more powerful, and more efficient.


  • Fits 14.9 Liters
  • Powerful and Alcohol-Efficient
  • 360° Dimensional Curing

  • Larger Size, Higher Compatibility

    Anycubic Wash & Cure Max can hold up to 14.9 liters, surpassing the sizes of most wash and cure machines in the market. The impressive maximum cleaning size of 300 x 165 x 300mm (11.8"x6.5"x11.8"), is compatible with almost every consumer-grade resin 3D printer measuring 13.6"(35 cm) and below available on the market.

    Powerful and Alcohol-Efficient

    The adoption of two brand-new modes of spray rinsing and detail dipping ensures efficient and thorough cleaning. Powerful mechanical injection eliminates residual resin on the 3d print surface, while the bottom dipping rinse effectively removes resin from intricate details.

    Saving Isopropyl Alcohol: 4 liters of isopropyl alcohol is enough to clean large-sized models (10"/25 cm and up), saving over 50% compared to 8.5 liters required by traditional washing and curing machines.

    Alcohol-Efficient: Moreover, one 5-liter bucket of isopropyl alcohol can clean up to 20 models (10"/25 cm and up), minimizing alcohol loss during a single wash.

    Supports Large 3D Models: Supports cleaning of models with build plate that the size is up to 12 inches (weight not exceeding 1.1 kg).

    One-click Washing and Curing

    Complete Washing and Curing with a Dual-Function Button. Bid farewell to time-consuming and labor-intensive post-processing. Experience streamlined model processing that saves you time and effort.

    360°-Dimensional Curing

    Featuring a 360° automatic rotating curing platform, this machine provides higher curing energy values and longer irradiation distances, enabling comprehensive, efficient curing for your models.

    Artistic All-in-One Design

    Anycubic Wash & Cure Max machine features an elegant pearl white body complemented by a sleek gray-toned cover, exuding a fresh and minimalist aesthetic. The convenient all-in-one flip cover design allows for easy opening and closing. The user-friendly control panel interface ensures a smooth and seamless operation experience.

    Comprehensive Protection with Fault Detection

    Intelligent fault detection and alerting to inform users when doors are not properly closed, when water has entered the unit or outlets have become blocked during operation. Promptly identifies and resolves faults to ensure seamless washing and curing operations.