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Ruthex soldering tips

by Ruthex
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3.490 kr
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Ruthex lóðbolta endi til að festa hita innsetningar í 3D prentuð verk.

Ruthex soldering tips for ruthex threaded inserts. The ruthex soldering tips can be used even more easily in 3D printing parts from 3D printers such as Anycubic, Creality or Prusa.

Thanks to the thread in the soldering iron adapter, the soldering tips can be changed very easily WITHOUT completely unscrewing the soldering iron.

No Damage to the 3D Printed Part

Due to the ideal geometry of the soldering tips, the 3D printed components are not damaged. Common damage without ruthex soldering tips is, for example, damage to the surface around the thread insert.

INSTALLATION AIDS COMPATIBLE for soldering iron heads 900M and T18, for example for soldering stations SREMTCH, Hakko, LONOVO, RHAEGON, WaxRhyed and other brands. Dimensions of the soldering iron adapter can be found in the drawing.

Includes thread inserts

  • M2
  • M2.5
  • M3
  • M4
  • M5
  • M6
  • M8
  • inch UNC thread inserts #2-56 / #4-40 / #8-32 / #10-24 / 1/4" and a soldering iron Adapter The ideal temperature for insertion is 10-15 degrees above the hotend temperature of the 3D printing filament.