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E3D ObXidian Prusa Nozzle fyrir MK4/XL

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Stærð: 0.4mm

ObXidian stúrar fyrir Prusa MK4 eða XL eru til þess að prenta efni sem skemma venjulega stúta, til dæmis Carbon Fiber efni.

These high-quality 3D printing nozzles are designed specifically for use with Prusas latest extruder – Nextruder. Compatible with Prusas MK4 and XL 3D printers, they feature an all-metal filament guide which means that Nextruders filament path is entirely metal. This helps improve overall printer reliability and enables speedier nozzle changing.

With a wear resistance that is orders of magnitude higher than any other E3D nozzle, ObXidian is really hard, making it the perfect nozzle for printing abrasive/filled polymers with. This is achieved by pairing a tool steel insert with our new E3DLC™ coating. This specially formulated coating also embeds non-stick properties into the Nozzle itself. Meaning considerably less plastic build-up around the Nozzle.

Simplified nozzle changing

Changing a nozzle on your Prusa printer just got much easier! Waste less time changing your nozzles and more time experimenting with different sizes and materials.

Please note: These Nozzles are only compatible with Prusa MK4 and XL 3D printers