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Anycubic Photon Mono M7 Pro - 223x126x230mm

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Væntanlegur í ágúst

Nýjasti prentarinn frá Anycubic, háhraða resin prentari.

  • Stór prentflötur 223x126x230mm
  • Háhraða upp að 170mm/klst og 0.1mm layer height með High Speed resin
  • Stór 10.1” 14K skjár sem skilar 13320x5120 upplausn
  • Fyllir sjálfur á resin í tankinn
  • Heldur stjórn á hitanum í prentrýminu
  • Auto level
  • Innbyggður kolafilter (activated charcoal)

Anycubic Photon Mono M7 Pro

The Photon Mono M7 Pro flaunts remarkable printing speeds, clocking in at up to 130mm/h for standard resins and an astonishing 170mm/h with high-speed resin, all while preserving a precise layer height of 0.1mm. This performance is driven by its advanced 10.1-inch, 14K high-precision optical system, guaranteeing outstanding detail in each print.

Full Speed Ahead

The Photon Mono M7 Pro can reach speeds of up to 130mm/h for standard prints and up to 170mm/h for High-speed printing at 0.1mm layer height, being one of the fastest resin printers on the market.

Uninterrupted, Unstoppable - Resin Auto-fill

With the use of an automated resin fill unit, the printer will automatically fill the vat with new resin when needed, and it will also help unload the resin from the vat after the print is completed.

Dynamic temperature control resin vat

The Auto-Adaptive Technology Control Heating provides automation for the heating of the vat and resin, eliminating the hassle of dealing with settings, making the process of printing with resin much easier and consistent.

14K High-Precision Optical System

The 10.1”, 14K (13320 x 5120) High-Precision Optical System allows for the prints to be fast, and also highly detailed to ensure the best print results.

LighTurbo 3.0

The COB light source system, combined with Fresnel lenses and front-facing reflectors, Light uniformity on the screen is ≥90% and achieve model accuracy errors of ± 0.01-0.05mm

Leveling Free

Automatic precise leveling and zeroing of the device, eliminating the need for manual leveling operations.

Complementary Anycubic AirPure

Built-in activated carbon filter and high-performance ventilation motor; VOC content purification efficiency reaches up to 99% in a single operation; Effectively absorbs and filters resin odors near the printing source, providing a cleaner and more reassuring user experience.