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Anycubic ABS Like UV Resin V2 - 1kg

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SKU ABS Like Gray SAB2GY-101C
Litur: Gray

 With its high toughness, strength, and impact resistance, the Anycubic ABS-Like Resin V2 is good for printing structural parts, tools, and other models that demand high performance. The printed models are suitable for drilling and tapping.


  • Impact Resistance & High Compatibility
  • Water Washable & Low-odor
  • High Strength & High Toughness

    Excellent Toughness, Durability and Well-Performance

    With its high toughness, strength, and impact resistance, the Anycubic ABS-Like Resin V2 is good for printing structural parts, tools, and other models that demand high performance. The printed models are suitable for drilling and tapping.


    The final model shows excellent resistance to drops guaranteeing stability and durability. Moreover the model's durability is enhanced. The printed model can endure exposure to the natural environment for a year without cracks after proper cleaning and curing.

    Recommendation Index

    Improved toughness, more resistant to bending.

    No Cracking Experimental Data

    The experimental results show that the models printed with Anycubic ABS-Like Resin V2 can be stored for 3 years in natural environment without cracks after curing.

    Water Washable Easy to Post-Process

    Low viscosity and high fluidity facilitate cleanability and accommodate different cleaning methods like water, washing machine, and ultrasonic, catering to diverse scenarios. The cleaned model has a nonsticky surface, and the support is easier to remove. making post-processing less challenging.

    Low-odor and Worry-Free Printing

    The mild scent reduces discomfort for those sensitive to odors creating a more comfortable printing environment.

    High Precision Minimal Shrinkage

    With lower shrinkage, the risk of distortion and deformation is reduced, resulting in high molding accuracy and detailed models.

    High Compatibility and Easy to Use

    It is compatible with a variety of desktop LCD 3D printers and easy to use without requiring special treatment, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users.


    Before use:

    • Shake the liquid resin before use;
    • Clean the resin tank and the molding platform to keep the bottom of the resin tank in light transmission.

    When using:

    • Unscrew the cap and add it to the resin tank according to the equipment requirements;
    • Select the correct print parameters and settings for printing.

    After use:

    • After printing, please use the matching tools for post-processing, including blades, diagonal pliers, tweezers, containers, and gloves; clean them with water.

    Post-processing steps:

    • Remove the printed model from the molding platform with a blade.
    • Submerge the model in the cleaning solution, rinsed or ultrasonically washed, then take it out and drained; Anycubic Wash and Cure machine s are suggested to ensure a better effect.
    • Proper processing, such as removing support, polishing, coloring, etc.

    Wastewater post-process:

    • Do not discharge wastewater directly into the sewer to avoid contaminating groundwater.
    • Heat the wastewater, let most of the water evaporate, and then discard the residue after curing by curing machine and sunlight.


    1. The ideal condition for storing uncured resin is a cool, dark place at room  temperature and protect from light to avoid high temperature or sunlight.
    2. Suggested operating temperature is 18-35℃, and a low temperature may affect the printing effect, thus, the resin can be properly preheated before use (not more than 60℃).
    3. If the resin pigment settles, it can be used after stirring or shaking.
    4. In order to ensure the performance of the resin, please takeout the model in time after cleaning to avoid the model soaking in water for a long time.
    5. To ensure the mechanical properties of the model, please perform post curing in time after cleaning and drying.
    6. To ensure the ideal performance of the curable material it is necessary to control the intensity and time of the light source after curing. Therefore, the following steps are recommended:
      • The intensity of mercury lamp or LED light source is 5-10mW/m2, and the duration is no more than 1 hour (self-regulation);
      • The exposure time in the sun (summer) is around 1 hour;
      • Proximity or long-term exposure under strong light sources such as high power high-pressure mercury lamps is prohibited;
      • It is recommended to print in a dark room or be covered with a lid while printing as resin is a photosensitive material.

    Material properties will vary depending on the molding equipment. post-curing method and testing equipment. For safety information, please refer to the MSDS of this product.


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