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Soldering tips fyrir heat insert

by 3D VERK
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Lóðbolta tengi stykki til að setja hita innsetningar (heat insert) í prentverk.

Interchangeable with standard 936 general-purpose soldering iron tips, used for M2 (M2.5 shared), M3, M4, M5, M6 (1/4"), M8 and other hot-melt nuts or inserts, often used in 3D Printer prints hot-melt copper nuts or implants nuts on plastic.


Material: Brass


  • A variety of connectors, which can realize the embedding of various M2 (M2.5 common), M3, M4, M5, M6 (1/4"), M8 hot melt nuts
  • Compatible with standard 936 universal soldering iron tip, convenient and practical
  • Female-female head design, hand-twist knurled joints, you can disassemble the head joints at any time in the cooling state to replace different types of threaded indenters
  • Brass material, good heat conduction, end-face contact, prevents the nut from skewing, and is convenient and quick to embed the nut into the plastic part