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PrimaCreator heitur endi með plated copper stút fyrir Bambu Lab X1 og P1

Original price 3.490 kr - Original price 3.490 kr
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3.490 kr
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SKU PrimaCreator_PlatedCopper_0.4mm
Stærð á stút: 0.4mm

Heitur endi með Plated Cooper stút

  • Titanium Heatbreak
  • Plated Copper Heatblock
  • Plated Copper Nozzle
  • All-Metal

1. The aluminum alloy heatsink with high thermal conductivity crimped and connected to the heatbreak ensures rapid heat dissipation without clogging.

2. The titanium heatbreak has a thickness of 0.15mm and roughness of Ra0.3. The smooth inner tube can insulate heat well and prevent clogging.

3. The plated copper heatblock provides high heating efficiency, which meets the need of high-speed printing.

4. The type of hardened steel nozzle is suitable for abrasive material printing; while type of plated copper nozzle is better for high temperature printing.

5. Integrated light-weight design is more stable for high-speed printing and more convenient for maintenance.