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Extrudr PCTG - 800gr.

by Extrudr
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Litur: Black

PCTG - 800 gr.

Mjög spennandi efni sem hefur frábæra eiginleika t.d. eldtefjandi, hitaþolið, góðir mekanískir eiginleikar og auðveldara en ABS/ASA í prentun vegna minni verpunar.

PCTG is a modified copolyester for the highest industrial demands. The material combines high chemical and thermal resistance with mechanical properties such as high impact strength and scratch resistance and excellent optical brilliance. In addition, PCTG possesses flame-retardant properties according to UL94 V2 and HB. It also fulfils numerous certifications (cosmetic, FDA, Reach, Rohs).

  • Fire retardant according to UL94 V2
  • Excellent impact strength
  • High thermal resistance
  • FDA compliant

PCTG has a very high mechanical resistance.

Elongation at break

PCTG is characterised by high flexibility combined with good stiffness.

High temperature resistant

A heat distortion temperature of 80-90 °C allows its use in many areas from the manufacture of electronic components to kitchen utensils. PCTG is more temperature resistant than standard PETG.

Ease of Printing

PCTG is suitable for beginner users as no closed assembly space has to be used.

Visual Quality

Das Material besitzt eine gläserne Optik und ist kratzfest.

Layer adhesion

The material has a glassy appearance and is scratch-resistant.

Impact resistant

The material has very good impact resistance.

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Speed: 40-60 mm/s

Printing Temperature: 250-270 °C

Print Bed Temperature : 90-110 °C

Cooling fan : 20-50%

Enclosure not needed

PCTG (polycyclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate)

Material Data Sheet (PDF)