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Creality K2 Plus Combo - 350x350x350mm - Kemur byrjun okt.

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SKU K2 Plus Combo

Væntanlegur í byrjun október!

Önnur kynslóð af K prentara frá Creality. Mjög stór prentflötur 350x350x350mm og með litastöð sem tekur fjórar spólur.

Helstu kostir

  • 350x350x350mm prentflötur
  • 4 litir í prentun með CFS (Creality Filament System)
  • Hitari fyrir prentrými
  • 350°C mesta hitastig á stút
  • AI myndavél og myndavél niður á stútnum

The K2 Plus Combo revolutionizes 3D printing with its intelligent CFS unit, enabling multi-color printing and automatic filament backup. As the pinnacle of Creality’s 2nd generation K series, the K2 Plus boasts an expansive build volume of 350 x 350 x 350mm. It is equipped with the cutting-edge APUS extruder, a closed-loop motor system, and an active chamber heater, among other advanced features. Experience unparalleled precision and versatility with the K2 Plus Combo, setting new standards in 3D printing technology.


  • Multi-color Printing (CFS Creality Filament System)
  • APUS Direct Drive Extruder
  • 350 x 350 x 350mm Build Volume
  • Tilt Detection
  • FOC Closed-Loop Motors
  • Active Chamber Heater

    Creality's K2 Plus Combo combines groundbreaking technology with intuitive usability and amazing multi-colour printing to take your projects to the next level.

    Sturdy aluminium alloy frame

    The sturdy unibody frame of the K2 Plus is custom-made from a die-cast aluminium alloy and CNC-milled. Maximum precision and stable printing behaviour are guaranteed even at high speeds.

    Apus all-metal extruder with tri-metal heat protection nozzle

    The K2 Plus uses a Direct Drive Apus all-metal extruder with tri-metal heat protection nozzle for precise and smooth extrusion. The nozzle is designed for printing temperatures of up to max. 350 °C and also enables the processing of high-performance materials.

  • FOC closed-loop motors

    Both the extruder and all XYZ axes of the K2 Plusare driven by closed servo motors. With 32768 microsteps per revolution, the motors achieve high torque and outstanding responsiveness. FOC control with variable voltages reduces heat build-up and prevents blockages caused by overheating.

    Automatic anti-tilt levelling

    Two optical distance sensors for automatic tilt adjustment of the build plate on the Z-axis and a strain gauge in the print head ensure precise levelling.

    • 800-watt AC high-performance heating system with overheat protection and automatic shutdown in case of unexpected faults,
    • Nozzle camera for pressure calibration and chamber camera for print monitoring and detection of printing errors,
    • 4.3 inch colour touchscreen.


    Creality CFS

    The K2 Plus Combo is equipped with the intelligent filament management system CFS (Colour Filament System). The multi-material system has 4 spool slots that support multi-colour printing and the simultaneous use of different materials. If the device is combined with other Colour Filament Systems, a total of 16-colour printing with a wide range of colour combinations can be carried out.

    The system loads and unloads the filaments automatically - there is no need for time-consuming manual filament changes. In addition, the well-sealed multicolour device with smart temperature and humidity displays can be used as a filament drying box for keeping and storing the filaments.

    Automatic RFID recognition of materials is supported.

    Tip: The CFS can accommodate four 1 kg spools with a diameter of 197-202 mm. Creality filaments with cardboard spools are compatible with the CFS. Filaments such as PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA or PA-CF can be easily processed in the CFS; flexible materials such as TPU or wet filaments such as PVA/BVOH are not supported.