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Anycubic Resin High Clear 1kg.

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Anycubic High Clear Resin is a special product that provides you transparent resin 3d printing. It significantly improves the yellowing resistance performance of 405nm transparent resin, providing crystal-clear results for users.


  • Resist Yellowing
  • Highly Transparent
  • Tough and Resilient

    Highly Transparent and Long-lasting Clarity

    Anycubic High Clear Resin brings the prints the features of high transparency and long-lasting clarity that exceed most other resins in the market.

    Smooth & Fine Surface Finish

    It offers the parts with a detailed and stunning surface. In order to get a polished look, it's recommended that apply coats of Anycubic High Clear Resin or vanish on the surface before curing.

    Excellent Resist Yellowing Performance

    Anycubic High Clear Resin is designed to print parts that can stay crystal and clear without yielding a yellow hue in an interior environment for a long time.

    Tough and Resilient Mechanical Property

    Due to the optimized formula, a 100% rise in resilience compared to standard resin, making the prints more durable and less easy to break.

    Light Odor and Safer Experience

    Anycubic High Clear Resin has a light odor and is less irritating, bringing users a better and safer printing experience. But it doesn't mean 100% safe, and it's wise to wear gloves and mask as well as work in a well-ventilated area.

    Wide Compatibility and Applications

    Sensitive with 365-405nm wavelength, Anycubic High Clear Resin works well with most resin 3D printers to produce excellent transparency objects like prototypes, gifts or jewelry.