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Anycubic Kobra 2 Plus - 320x320x400mm

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SKU Kobra 2 Plus

Kobra 2 Plus combines large format and high speed, with an average printing speed of 300mm/s, a maximum printing speed of 500mm/s, and an acceleration of 10000mm/s. The printer adopts the Z-axis motion structure with double motors and double screws to ensure the stability during the printing process. And support Anycubic APP to realize the remote connection, making the printing experience more intelligent.


  • Maximum Printing Speed of 500mm/s
  • 320 x 320 x 400mm Large Printing Size
  • Supports Anycubic APP
  • LeviQ 2.0 Automatic Leveling Smart Z-Offset

    Við mælum með að uppfæra firmware á prentaranum eftir samsetningu

    Anycubic hefur gefið út sniðmat fyrir Prusa Slicer
    Hér má sjá gagnlegar upplýsingar um Kobra 2 Plus prentarann (Wiki síða Anycubic)

    10X Faster
    Compared to mainstream FDM 3D printers, the printing speed has increased by 10 times. Larger model creation, time-saving, and energy-efficient.
  • High-Performance Dual-Core, Strong Computing Power

    Equipped with a high-performance dual-core Cortex-A7 1.2GHz processor, it provides strong computing power for faster calculations, execution of commands, motor control, resulting in 10 times faster printing.

    Optimized Configuration, Brand New Structure

    By using direct extruder and a dual-motor dual-Z-axis motion structure that have been perfectly optimized for the extrusion and cooling systems, it efficiently and accurately delivers materials, allowing for quick melting and cooling. This leads to smooth operation and fewer visible layer lines.

    Vibration Compensation and Flow Control

    The one-click "Vibration Compensation" detects the resonance frequency of the X/Y axes and adjusts the motion control intelligently to effectively eliminate resonance vertical lines and bracket lines, ensuring printing accuracy and stability. With "Flow Control", intelligent compensation for retraction and refilling ensures evenly and fully printed layers, enhancing print quality and detail representation.

    41 Liter Large Volume Accelerates Large Builds

    320 x 320 x 400mm large printing size, can print models of approximately 41 liters in volume at one time. Full-sized printing of the same model, compared to similar products on the market with a printing speed of 50mm/s, printing time is shortened by 31 h 35 mins, efficient creation, energy-saving, and environmental-friendly.

    Supports Anycubic APP Control Made "Smart"

    With the new version of Anycubic APP remote networking firmware upgrading, and real-time viewing of printer status are achievable. Future updates will also support online slicinc and printing, video monitoring and time-lapse photography remote control and management, and an open model library function module, kick-starting a "smart".

    LeviQ 2.0 Automatic Leveling Smart Z-Offset

    By designing a unique module, after automatic leveling, it can intelligently compensate for Z-axis offset, while also supporting custom Z-axis compensation values, meeting the needs of different users and usage environments.One-click quick start for creative ideas, ensuring successful printing.

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