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add:north PC Blend HT LCF - 1 kg.

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PC Blend HT LCF frá add:north 1 kg

  • Withstands temperatures up to 185C
  • Long Carbon Fibers for extreme rigidity
  • High chemical resistance


Elevate your 3D printing endeavors with add:north's advanced PC Blend filament. By integrating extended carbon fibers into the blend, we've significantly enhanced stiffness compared to conventional filaments. This unique feature ensures that the prints maintain their structural integrity with precision and accuracy, making it ideal for projects that require exceptional rigidity.

What sets our filament apart is its remarkable ability to withstand elevated temperatures of up to 185°C. This superior heat resistance makes it a reliable choice for applications where thermal stability is crucial, offering longevity even in demanding scenarios.

Furthermore, our PC Blend filament exhibits impressive chemical resistance, providing added durability when exposed to various chemical environments. This property extends its utility to a wide range of applications, spanning from functional components that require both strength and resilience to delicate models that demand intricate detailing.