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Siraya Tech Silicone - Defiant 15 Platinum - 500gr. + 500gr.

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SKU ST2002

Siraya Tech Defiant 15 Platinum Silicone Mold Making DIY Kit

Leiðbeiningar fyrir Difiant 15 má finna hér (PDF)

Defiant was meticulously developed in collaboration with numerous prop-making professionals. Our primary objective was to simplify post-processing while maximizing the success rate of silicone curing.

Through extensive testing and evaluation of over 30kg of silicones, we've discovered the perfect formula. We proudly dedicate Defiant silicone to the talented prop-makers in our community who have contributed significantly to our growth.

Platinum silicone poisoning presents a unique challenge, as it arises not only from 3D printing resins but also from the silicone manufacturing process itself. To achieve the best possible results, it's crucial to identify the ideal combination of silicone and resins. Defiant 15 has been engineered to exhibit greater tolerance compared to traditional platinum silicone; however, certain resins inherently offer better compatibility with silicone and necessitate less post-processing.

Defiant 15 is a popular choice for those working with 3D printing UV resin. For optimal results, we recommend using our Fast, Build, Blu, Easy and Sculpt resins, as no coating is needed.

Tired of curing inhibition messing up your silicone projects when working with resin prints?

All new Defiant 15 from Siraya Tech with extra resistance to platinum poisoning without complicated post-processing is perfect for your next project. With just 30 minutes of curing the part submerged in water, Defiant 25 will cure without the part being clear coated.

Has good resistance to silicone poisoning, especially due to UV resin. Siraya Tech Defiant 15 requires a lot less post-processing to make mold cure properly.

Resin Selection and Post-Processing: Essential for 3D UV Resin Prints