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Protopasta Holiday Pine HTPLA 2023 Special Edition - 500gr.

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Litur: Pine

Fallegt filament sem kemur viðarilmur þegar er prentað.

Holiday Pine has a light scent when warm during printing, but minimal odor when cool. It has an elegant semi-translucence, gloss, and wood fleck texture.Holiday Pine is the ultimate labor of love, exemplifying our filament-making obsession and artistry!

Made from the highest quality, dry ingredients and extruded with care in our Washington facility on our own purpose-built extrusion systems. This is indeed a very special filament capturing the essence of a special time of year. Finely ground and requiring no special hardware, this material prints like standard PLA, but has a beautiful natural color, texture, and subtle scent of pine. Sorry the pine scent is only when warm like when heat treating or printing, but still pretty neat!

So enjoy this very special intersection of craft and technology, man and machine, handmade and manufactured.