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Protopasta Endurunninn Matte Fiber PLA - 500gr.

frá Protopasta
Verð 5.734 kr - Verð 9.300 kr
5.734 kr
5.734 kr - 9.300 kr
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Þyngd: 500 gr

Recycled! Compare to Matte Fiber HTPLA 

“Since 2013, Protopasta has valued qualityreliability, and creativity. We seek to reduce waste in our production and build relationships in our community.”

We’ve taken many steps over the years to ensure our commitment to these values. The next phase of this commitment is finally here: Recycled PLA! We’ve collected our high-quality waste stream and turned it into high-quality recycled filament.

  • An ultra-rigid, light-weight composite with low-gloss & defect-hiding texture that can be easily sanded or coated for finishing
  • Waste stream is a mix of Matte Fiber colors & supply is limited
  • Compounded for single color/batch, but batch color may vary
  • Designed & produced by Protoplant exclusively for you
  • Special note - absorbed moisture acts as foaming agent to grow extrusion volume. Print at lowest possible temperature (200-205 C) & reduce flow setting (80-90% or as required) to reduce extrusion volume/width for accurate parts. Wear resistant nozzle NOT required.