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PrimaValue PLA+ 3kg.

Verð 8.890 kr - Verð 8.890 kr
8.890 kr
8.890 kr - 8.890 kr
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SKU 3KG_PLA_PrimaValue_Black
Litur: Svartur

Endurbætt lína frá PrimaCreator, fjölbreyttir litir á hagstæðu verði. PLA+ er höggþolnara.

Discover the perfect balanced choice for your 3D prints with PrimaCreator Value PLA+ filament! PrimaValue PLA+ filament series offers outstanding quality at an unbeatable price, making it the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.


  • Stronger than regular PLA
  • No nasty smell or harmful fumes
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to print with
  • Great value for money

With PrimaCreator Value PLA+, you not only get an affordable option, but also high-quality material designed to meet your printing needs. We havent compromised on quality - each spool is carefully manufactured to ensure smooth extrusion and reliable results.

Eco-friendly packaging

Our environmental awareness also extends to our packaging. PrimaCreator Value PLA+ is delivered on a paper spool made from recycled paper, reducing our environmental impact and providing an elegant and sustainable storage solution for your filament.

The ideal choice

PrimaCreator Value PLA+ offers more than just affordability and quality. Unlike some other filaments, PLA+ emits no unpleasant odor during printing and is environmentally friendly. Plus, it's much stronger than standard PLA, making it ideal for functional prints and prototypes.

To suit a variety of projects and needs, PrimaCreator Value PLA+ offers a wide range of the most popular base colors. Whether you prefer classic colors like black, white, and gray, or want to create colorful and vibrant objects, we have filaments to suit your needs.

High compatibility

Moreover, PrimaCreator Value PLA+ is designed to work smoothly with most 3D printers on the market. Whether you have an entry-level budget model or an advanced professional printer, you can be confident that our PLA+ filament will provide reliable and high-quality results every time.

Make your next 3D printing experience both affordable, environmentally friendly, and strong with PrimaCreator Value PLA+ filament! With outstanding quality, versatility, and durability, it's the ultimate choice for all your creative projects.

  1. Enhanced Formulation: We have refined the formulation of our filament to ensure better print quality, smoother printing experience, and improved adhesion between layers.
  2. Expanded Color Options: Our Value range now offers an expanded selection of vibrant colors, allowing you to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life with even more versatility.
  3. More material choices: Now also available in PLA+ High Speed, PETG, PLA Matte, PLA+ and ABS.
  4. Consistent Quality Control: We remain dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality control. Each spool of filament undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistent diameter, roundness, and color accuracy, guaranteeing reliable performance with every print.
  5. Pricing & Performance: Thanks to higher volumes we can lower the prices yet remaining higher quality than most other brands of filament.