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PrimaCreator Value UV Flex resin svart

Verð 7.890 kr - Verð 13.927 kr
13.927 kr
7.890 kr - 13.927 kr
Verð nú 13.927 kr
með VSK
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SKU 24600
Stærð: Stór - 1000 gr.

PrimaCreator Value Flex Resin is a good-value resin made from the best raw materials. It offers you good quality resin 3D prints. Cure your 3D prints in sunlight or a UV curing chamber. When the curing is finished, you get flexible 3D prints with very small shrinkage. The objects have a very soft touch.

Main advantages of PrimaCreator Value Flex Resin:

  • 3D print flexible objects with very small shrinkage
  • Shore hardness of 65-75 D & elongation at break of 130%
  • 3D print high detail results that needs to have a very high impact strength
  • Cure your 3D prints in sunlight or a UV curing chamber