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Polymaker PolyMax PETG-ESD - 500gr.

frá Polymaker
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PolyMax™ PETG-ESD is a durable electrostatic-dissipative filament, well suited for printing housings, jigs and fixtures in the electronics industry.

  • ESD safe Polymaker PETG.
  • Toughness enhanced to offer improved impact strength compared to PolyLite™ PLA and PETG.
  • Great thermal properties, up to 76℃ (HDT 0.45MPa) / 86℃ Vicat softening temperature.

PolyMax is a family of advanced 3D printing filaments produced with Polymaker’s Nano-reinforcement technology, to deliver exceptional mechanical properties and printing quality.

PolyMax PETG-ESD is a carbon nanotube-filled (CNT) filament offering electrostatic discharge (ESD) safety with improved toughness making it good candidate for applications in the manufacturing and electronics industry.

ESD Safe

PolyMax PETG-ESD combines electrostatic discharge (ESD) safety with all-round properties of PolyMax™ PETG: ease of printing, heat resistance, durability and strength. PolyMax™ PETG-ESD can be used for a wide range of applications in electronics industry on jigs and fixtures, functional prototyping, electronic housing.

Superior Toughness

An excellent choice for engineering applications, Polymaker has introduced its nano reinforcement technology that is featured in all PolyMax™ materials. This boosts the fracture toughness of the ESD material and produces an ESD-safe PETG filament that can still perform in demanding applications. This Industrial PETG ESD filament is ideal for uses such as housings, casings, jigs and fixtures where toughness and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection is required.

Surface Finish

PETG-ESD prints manufacturing jigs and functional parts with a great surface finish. This is partially achieved due to the great fluidity of the PETG filament and the CNT's.

Uncompromised Quality

Polymakers leading quality control process and rigorous in-house testing, ensure reliable printing and consistency across spools and batches.