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Mayku FormBox 0.5mm Cast/Clear Sheets (30 Pack)

frá Mayku
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Áfylling fyrir Mayku Formbox

(30 Pack) Cast Sheets for the Mayku Formbox

  • Transparent and food-safe 0.5mm for making reusable molds, made from PETG.
  • The slight flex and non-stick surface that the sheet provides ensures that your templates and casts can be removed with ease.
  • Use concrete, plaster, silicone, clay, resin, foam, moulding sand, jelly, chocolate… whatever creations you have in mind, you can cast them without fear of sticking with these sheets.
  • Fully recyclable, partly made from recycled plastic waste.
  • Each pack contains 30 sheets and designed to be used with the Mayku FormBox