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Extrudr XPETG Carbon - 800gr.

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XPETG Carbon 800gr. passar í Bambu Lab AMS 
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Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG) is one of the world‘s most common thermoplastic polymers. Extrudr XPETG CF was developed for a wide range of applications where the main requirement is a good balance between mechanical and optical material properties. The raw material is approved according to the  REACH- and RoHS-Standards. PETG is flame retardant according to UL 94 at a wall thickness of 3.2 mm.

  • Good mechanical properties
  • High chemical resistance
  • Low warping tendency
  • Low shrinking

Product Information

Maximum stress

XPETG CF has a very high mechanical resilience and is stiffer than normal PETG.

Elongation at break

XPETG is characterised by good elongation at break.

High temperature resistant

A heat deflection temperature (VICAT A) of 85°C allows it to be used in a wide range of applications from the manufacture of electronic components to kitchen utensils.

Ease of printing

XPETG CF is suitable for beginners because the carbon fibre stabilises the material and the plastic snarl during bridging, resulting in less distortion. Carbon is very abrasive, so we recommend a hardened nozzle with 0.5 mm diameter. 

Visual Quality

Small carbon fibers are at right angles to the printed surface, creating a very nice matte surface and masking layer defects. Therefore the print object looks high class.

Layer adhesion

XPETG CF has good layer adhesion despite its high carbon content.  As a first step, we recommend printing a "heattower" to find the ideal settings for the respective device. According to our experience, the ideal printing temperature is between 210-230°C.

Impact resistant

The material has very good impact resistance.