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E3D RapidChange REVO™ ObXidian stútur

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Stærð: 0.4mm

Revo ObXidian is E3D's latest abrasive resistant Revo Nozzle offering, specifically designed for printing fibre-filled polymers. Unlike other abrasion resistant Nozzles, ObXidian’s copper alloy construction has a similar thermal performance to Brass, making it a true drop-in replacement. Just use the same slicer profiles as for your Brass Nozzles.

Key Features:

  • Material: Copper/Hardened Steel Assembly with E3DLC™ coating.
  • Input diameter: 1.75mm
  • Maximum temperature: 300°C
  • Nozzles Sizes: 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm & 0.8mm

  • RapidChange Revo™ ObXidian Nozzle

    With a wear resistance that is orders of magnitude higher than any other E3D nozzle, ObXidian is really hard. Several orders of magnitude harder than Nozzle X and indeed any other generic hardened steel nozzle. This is achieved by pairing a tool steel insert with E3DLC™ coating. This specially formulated coating also embeds non-stick properties into the Nozzle itself. Meaning considerably less plastic build up around the Nozzle.

    Experiment freely

    With nozzle swapping this easy, you’re free to experiment with different nozzles for different applications. Swap out your Revo brass nozzles with an ObXidian between prints to unlock fibre filled fun.


    Each Revo Nozzle is a preassembled nozzle and HeatBreak in one unit, so there’s no hazardous hot tightening and no chance of incorrect assembly. Say goodbye to frustrating HotEnd leaks and enjoy reliable 3D printing!

    Rapid identification

    Identify nozzle sizes at a glance, thanks to a colour-coded silicone sock. Plus, each Revo Nozzle has its size engraved into it with easy-to-read numbers, so there are no confusing identification markers to learn!

    Please Note:

    • Revo™ Nozzles are not compatible with V6-style HeaterBlocks
    • You may need to adjust your Z offset when changing nozzles.
    • We do not recommend the use of abrasive materials with 0.25mm nozzles. The particle sizes, especially with fibres, can often be larger than 0.25mm, significantly increasing the risk of clogging the nozzle. However, 0.25mm nozzles still benefit from the reduced stick properties of the E3DLC coating.