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Creality CR-Scan Otter 3D skanni - Sérpöntun

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SKU Sérpöntun Otter

With its precision up to 0.02mm, the CR-Scan Otter excels in detailed 3D scanning across a wide range of object sizes, leveraging a dual lens setup. It simplifies scanning of traditionally challenging materials, such as black or metallic items, without the need for additional sprays.


  • Up to 0.02mm Accuracy
  • Innovative Four-lens Stereo Vision
  • Anti-shaking for smooth scanning
  • 24-Bit Full-Color Scanning
  • Objects between 10-2000mm
  • Scan Black/Metal Objects without Spraying

    Various Size Options

    Innovative Four-lens Stereo Vision: Proficient in handling both large and small scans. Two sets of dual lenses, catering to details and various sizes A set of long-focal dual lenses for scanning small objects, providing richer details; a set of short-focal dual lenses for scanning large objects, covering a wider range of sizes.

    Capture Small & Big Objects

    The CR-Scan Otter realizes possibilities of scanning various objects, ranging in size from 10x10x10mm to 2000x2000x2000mm, from tiny coins to large vehicles, all covered in one scanner. The scanning distances range from 110mm³ to 1200mm³ to effectively capture items of versatile sizes.

    Ultra-High Precision, Rich in Detail

    Otter adopts the state-of-the-art structure-light stereo-matching algorithm and optical design to faithfully reproduce the authentic texture and contours of objects.

    Anti-shake, Smooth and Efficient Scanning

    Equipped with One-Shot 3D imaging technology, the CR-Scan Otter is naturally stabilized and less likely to tracking loss. Fast backtracking speed ensures smoother handheld scanning.

    Scan Black/Metal Objects Without Spraying

    Even without scanning spray, you can scan cars, car parts, tires, and other black/metal objects to get the desired model effect.

    A unique face mapping algorithm captures more details, easily scans hair. A human body scan only takes 2 minutes. Utilizing near-infrared light invisible to the human eyes achieves Class 1 laser safety, harmless to the human body.

    Outdoor Scanning

    Engineered with advanced DOE (Diffractive Optical Element) 3D structure-light technology, CR-Scan Otter has higher environmental adaptability and maintains excellent performance even in sunlight (<30000 lux).

    Intuitive Software, Powerful Features

    CrealityScan is a professional 3D scanning software with excellent user-friendliness and powerful image and point cloud processing capabilities. With its step-by-step tutorials, one-click model processing, and model editing features, it can easily kickstart your effortless scanning journey.

    Cross-platform (Windows, macOS) operation, easy to use. *Note: It will be compatible with Android & IOS equipped with the upcoming optional accessory to realize wireless scanning.

    Metal Body, Exquisite and Beautiful

    Adopting a robust industrial design, every detail is carefully designed balancing both aesthetics and functionality. With a full metal body and excellent heat dissipation, the fanless design ensures quiet operation.

    Key Features:

    • Up to 0.02mm Accuracy
    • Innovative 4-lens Stereo Vision
    • Scan Black/Metal Objects without Spraying
    • 24-Bit Full-Color Scanning
    • Objects Between 10-2000mm
    • Anti-shaking for Smooth Scanning