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BigTreeTech SFS V2.0 Smart prentþráðsskynjari

Verð 3.690 kr - Verð 3.690 kr
3.690 kr
3.690 kr - 3.690 kr
Verð nú 3.690 kr
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Skynjari fyrir prentþráð sem les flæði á efni og stoppar þegar það eru stíflur, flæktur prentþráður eða þegar prentþráður klárast.

Hannaður fyrir Klipper, Marlín og RepRap firmware

Uppsenting: https://github.com/bigtreetech/smart-filament-detection-module

BIGTREETECH SFS V2.0 Smart Filament Sensor

The BIGTREETECH SFS V2.0 Smart Filament Sensor is an essential tool for any 3D printing enthusiast. This device enhances the printing experience by automatically detecting filament tension and preventing unnecessary printing errors caused by filament jams or runs-out.

Automatic Print Settings

The SFS V2.0 is equipped with a smart chip, which allows it to record and store the material data of the filament used. When users switch to a different type of filament, the sensor can instantly recognize the change and automatically adjust the printing settings to ensure optimal print quality.

Easy to use and time saving

The sensor is easy to install and can be used with a variety of 3D printer models. Designed with a compact and durable build, it can withstand prolonged use and handle a wide range of printing materials. The sensor’s compatibility with both direct drive and bowden extruders makes it a versatile tool for any 3D printing setup.

The BIGTREETECH SFS V2.0 Smart Filament Sensor guarantees continuous and uninterrupted printing, saving both time and resources. It ensures that users can print without worry of filament jams, tangled filaments or printing errors that result from filament run-outs. The SFS V2.0 is the perfect tool for improving the quality and reliability of your 3D printing process. Upgrade your 3D printing experience today with the BIGTREETECH SFS V2.0 Smart Filament Sensor.

What's in the Box?