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Elevate your 3D print creations with the Anycubic 3D Printing Painting Kit. Complete with polishing tools, protective equipments, paint tools, and water-based acrylic paints.


  • One Set for All Tasks
  • Tailored for 3D Print Coloring
  • Eco-friendly and Safe

    One Set For All Tasks

    Selected practical products include cutting/grinding tools, filling materials, protective coatings, model fixtures, coloring products, and cleaning/protective items, which can meet users' tool requirements for the entire process from model cutting and grinding to coloring and cleaning.

    Easy Guide

    A paper manual and coloring tutorial videos are included to guide novice users from basic to proficient usage in a clear and understandable way. With a rich color guide, it helps users to flexibly explore different coloring effects, giving them greater freedom of color expression.

    Tailored For 3D Print Coloring

    The primer and water-based paint have strong coverage. After applying the primer to the model, it enhances the adhesion of subsequent coloring pigments, facilitating quick and color-locking painting of the model.

    Compared with conventional acrylic pigments, it has better flowability, making it easier for users to mix colors and form smooth and flat coatings.

    Appears to be matte after drying, delivering a rich and vibrant texture.

    Eco-friendly and Safe

    Compared to traditional oil-based paint, the selected water-based paint is more environmentally friendly, and of low toxicity and low odor, and can be used safely indoors.

    Professional and Durable

    The moisturizing box for paints uses disposable color mixing paper, which can be discarded after use without the need for cleaning. It provides moisture for up to 7 days, offering flexible and convenient usage while effectively saving paint.

    By using a model-specific coloring pen handle and blue butyl glue, problems like small model hard to conduct handheld-coloring, paint can easily and carelessly sticking to the hand, are effectively addressed, enhancing the painting experience and efficiency.

    Selected strong brush made of Japan-imported nylon, soft and elastic, not easy to shed and split.

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