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Extrudr Flex Semisoft 85A - 750gr.

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TPU Flex Semisoft was developed for FDM and FFF processes. With an elasticity of 550%, high material quality, high chemical resistance and temperature resistance up to 98 °C, the material is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. 

  • Very high impact and breaking strength
  • Halogen-free
  • Free from silicones, softeners and oils
  • Shore hardness A85
  • UV-resistant
Product properties
Product properties

Product Information

Maximum Stress

TPU Flex is one of the most resistant materials currently available for FDM and FFF processes.

Elongation at Break

TPU Flex Semisoft reaches its maximum tensile stretch capacity at 550% elongation.

Operation Temperature

TPU Flex Semisoft is temperature-resistant up to 98 °C .

Ease of Printing

TPU Flex is suitable for printers with Bowden extruder. Due to its flexibility, water retention, and temperature resistance properties, TPU Flex should only be used by those with experience.

Visual Quality

All products of the TPU Flex range have a smooth surface and are professionally manufactured.

Layer Adhesion

TPU Flex has extremely good layer adhesion. The layers cannot be separated using human strength.

Impact Resistance

TPU Flex has excellent impact strength. As a result, it is suitable for extreme industrial applications.

Speed: 10-20 mm/s
Printing Temperature: 220-250 °C
Print Bed Temperature : 50-60 °C

Data Sheets

Material Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
Regulatory Information Sheet
Chemical Resistance Information Sheet