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ROSA PLA Plus ProSpeed - 1kg

frá Rosa3D
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Title: Hvítt

Háhraða PLA frá Rosa, 1 kg

PLA Plus ProSpeed(Impact) filament by ROSA3D was created for technical applications. Perfect for printing at high speed on industrial printers. While maintaining the ease of printing from PLA, it offers better mechanical and temperature resistance than PLA Starter. The impact strength of PLA Plus ProSpeed(Impact) ​​measured by the Izod method is almost 1.5 times higher than that of standard ABS, and after crystallization - more than twice as high.

The use of PLA Plus ProSpeed(Impact) enables mechanical processing of printed elements, which is very difficult or impossible with basic PLA. The manufactured elements can be grinded, milled, drilled, turned etc. Due to noticeable reduction in shrinkage compared to basic PLA, large-size elements can be printed.

The filament is made of a biodegradable biopolymer and is an alternative to styrene-based materials (such as ABS). PLA Plus ProSpeed(Impact) ​​provides excellent print quality, good adhesion to the heatbed, less warping and no irritating smell.

It was made of ingredients approved for contact with food. For products that come into contact with food, certification is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the final product