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Revopoint POP 3 Premium pakki 3D Skanni - Sérpöntun

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SKU POP3 Premium

Revopoint POP 3 Skanni með Premium pakkanum

POP 3 is the next-gen 3D scanner from the POP series with new and improved hardware, design, and usability. The improvements in POP 3's capabilities make capturing 3D scans for 3D printing, 3D animation, reverse engineering, healthcare, product design, digitizing historical items, VR/AR, and more even easier.

Intelligent Scanning

Enjoy seamless tracking and frame stitching with POP 3’s 9-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). It continuously measures the scanner’s movement and helps to eliminate faulty frames caused by fast movement or shaking.

Time-Saving Accuracy

Achieve a single-frame precision of up to 0.05mm at up to 18fps for lightning-fast scans and reliable 3D model accuracy!

Better Color Accuracy

Get improved color and texture accuracy through the RGB camera’s bigger aperture capturing more light and dual white LEDs providing supporting illumination to eliminate shadows and make the colors vibrant.

Enhanced Marker Tracking

Capture scans using marker points faster and more reliably with dual infrared LEDs mounted next to both depth cameras providing extra light for better marker point tracking.

More Control

Easily control your POP 3 with its three new touch-sensitive buttons that pause/start scanning and control the depth cameras' exposure.

Premium pakkinn inniheldur:

POP 3 3D Scanner


Handheld stabilizer (síminn fylgir ekki með)


Phone Holder

2-in-1 Mobile Cable

Calibration Board

USB Type-C Cable

Turntable USB Cable

Mini Turntable

Marker Topper

Carrying Case

Type-C Adapter

Sample Bust


Power Bank

Dual-axis Turntable Charger

Dual-axis Turntable

 Reusable Sticky Pad