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Resin Printer Enclosure

frá Creality
Verð 19.800 kr - Verð 19.800 kr
19.800 kr
19.800 kr - 19.800 kr
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með VSK
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SKU 4005010059

Lokaðu af Resin prentarann með tjaldi

Purify the air and enjoy printing quietly thanks to Creality's Resin Printer Enclosure.


  • Filter Odor
  • Dust and Noise Reduction
  • Easy to install

  • Compatible Models

    • Halot-One Plus
    • Halot-One Pro
    • Halot-Sky
    • Halot-Lite
    • Halot-Mage
    • Halot-Mage Pro
    • Halot-Ray

    Filters Odors and Keeps The Air Fresh

    High-efficiency filtration system with high-quality activated carbon can effectively absorb resin odor and keep indoor air fresh.

    Dust-proof and Pollution-free

    The closed structure keeps a tidy printing environment, effectively preventing dust and resin splashing.

    Isolate Noise and Enjoy Quietly

    Effectively reduce noise and enjoy the silent printing process.

    High-perspective Windows for Unobstructed Views

    The preferred PVC material with light weight, high toughness and no wrinkles, and a high-transparency large window at the front, which is convenient for observing the printing dynamics from time to time.

    Quick Installation, Easy to Use