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Poro-Lay Gellay 250gr 1.75mm

frá Poro-Lay
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Gellay filament from the Porolay series is a very special material. With it, soft parts can be created and you can finally print out your organs from the 3D printer - of course not functional. But for e.g. aquaristics from the 3D printer, this gel-like printing material is very exciting. Like all other Porolay filaments, Gellay is also hard in its initial state and easy to print.

Main features

  • When wet: gel-like and very soft
  • In dry state: Stable, not elastic but bendable
  • Perfect for soft tissues
  • Low warpinG

  • GEL-LAY is the newest innovation from the creator of LAYBRICK, LAYWOO-D3, and BendLay. GEL-LAY is a jelly-like material which is ideal for creating artificial body parts, marine animals, floatables, or anything else that is squishy! GEL-LAY is part rubber-elastomeric polymer and part PVA. Once you rinse this material in water only the rubber polymer remains as your micro-porous and flexible object.

    Please read this article in 3ders.org for getting some backround.

    Main features

    • Printing temperature: 230-240°C
    • Heating bed recommended: Temperature approx. 80°C
    • Kapton tape on the print bed helpful
    • When wet: Perfect for gel-like soft parts such as aquarium objects or "body organs".
    • In dry state: Not elastic but bendable
    • The thinner the object and the filling, the less insertion time is required
    • Low warping