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Phaetus Dragonfly hot-end BMS

frá Pheatus
Verð 15.890 kr - Verð 15.890 kr
15.890 kr
15.890 kr - 15.890 kr
Verð nú 15.890 kr
með VSK
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SKU 24788

Pheatus Dragon Hotend High Flow version

  • All-metal kit, with overall high temperature resistance up to 500 ℃.
  • Heat break with an ultra-thin wall thickness as thin as 0.1 mm, realizing an excellent thermal insulation.
  • Increased rigid support structure guarantee the heat break remaining intact under the impact of external force.
  • Integral frame rigid structure makes nozzle replacement more convenient without grasping the heat block.
  • The inner hole roughness of nozzle and heat break Ra 0.4, which allow a more smooth movement of filament, resulting a higher resolution prints.
  • ST and HF version are with the same overall dimension, which realizes a zero barrier for interchangeability.
  • The hot-end is mainly composed of copper alloy material which has the advantage of faster heating and better heat dissipation.
  • Flexible combined structure design makes a strong compatibility. 

Compatibility with V6 adapter:

  • All V6 Hot-End compatible interfaces
  • Prusa I3 MK3 / MK3S
  • Titan Extruder
  • BMG Extruder

Mounting brackets for different printers: