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Extrudr DuraPro ABS - 750gr.

frá Extrudr
Verð 4.990 kr - Verð 4.990 kr
4.990 kr
4.990 kr - 4.990 kr
Verð nú 4.990 kr
með VSK
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Color: Black

DuraPro ABS has been specially developed for industrial applications and is characterised by its high process reliability. It is ideal for the production of mechanically highly stressed components. The material is electrically insulating. DuraPro ABS is optimised for good layer adhesion, thermal stability, better flow properties and low warping. The raw material is approved according to REACH, RoHS and FDA standards.

  1. For industrial applications
  2. Flame retardant according to UL 94 HB
  3. Electrically insulating
  4. High mechanical strength
  5. Low shrinking and warping
  6. Excellent layer and bed adhesion
We want to make the process of 3D printing as easy as possible. The material profiles, which have been specially adapted to the Extrudr filaments, enable excellent printing results. Download the material profiles here.