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Creality Laser Falcon 2 Pro Laser - Sérpöntun

frá Creality
Verð 209.900 kr - Verð 424.900 kr
209.900 kr
209.900 kr - 424.900 kr
Verð nú 209.900 kr
með VSK
SKU 22W-1
Afl: 22W

Creality Falcon 2 Pro kemur í þremur mismunandi útgáfum 22W, 40W og 60W

The Creality Laser Falcon 2 Pro Engraver is a powerful and versatile tool that combines cutting-edge laser technology with precision engraving capabilities, making it an ideal choice for makers, hobbyists, and professionals alike. 


  • Larger engraving area of 400 x 430 mm for bigger projects
  • FDA Class 1 Safety Certification
  • Integrated Air Assist

Blockbuster patented technology Intelligent Adjustment Beam

The light beam can be adjusted through software or machine, according to the engraving and cutting needs to bringing the best cutting, engraving result.

Class 1 laser safety certification

  • Dual sealing sensors
  • Lid-open halts
  • Warning light alerts

Built-in Camera for Auto-positioning

Full-frame Working, Master in Details: Full-frame working view and high-definition camera makes all operations simple and visual.


Preview Batching: You can position multiple materials simultaneously with high-precision real-time preview.

Triple Monitoring Systems

  • Airflow Monitoring: Indicates the current airflow volume. It enables you to adjust the airflow based on your engraving needs
  • Lens Monitoring: Built-in lens monitoring system will trigger an alarm when the lens is dirty to some extent, which helps avoid lens breakage and frequent replacement.
  • Flame Monitoring: When a flame is detected, the indicator will flash red with an alarm and the machine will stop immediately.