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BTT Pi2 V1.0

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Pi örtölva frá BTT fyrir Klipper  

BIGTREETECH Pi 2 is developed by BIGTREE Technology Co., LTD.. Based on the improvements of the first-generation products, our new-generation computer single boards have significantly improved computing and storage performance. In addition, to meet the DIY needs of 3D printer users, we have optimized the design to provide a more user-friendly experience.  

Key Features:

  • Friendly to 3D Printer Users. The customized computer single board for 3D printer users not only supports a variety of expansion functions, but also can be connected to 12V/24V powered 3D printers without an adapter, making it very friendly to 3D printer users.

  • Rockchip RK3566.RK3566 processor and powerful storage function. Pi 2 not only has built-in RAM 2G, ROM 32G eMMC, but also supports SD card and 2M solid-state drive expansion to meet your basic needs for running Klipper on Debian storage software, documents, and surveillance videos.

  • Support DSI/CSI extension. The camera can be connected through the DSI interface; connected to the FPC port on the BTT PITFT screen through the DSI interface, or connected to the BTT HDMI screen through the HDMI interface. 

  • Support 5G Network.Blazing-fast dual-band WiFi and reliable Gigabit Ethernet ensure seamless connectivity for remote printing and file transfers.


1. Pi 2 does not have an SPI interface. If you need to use an SPI screen, you need to connect it with IO2 CAN or EBB and U2C.

2. Size of Pi 2 is slightly longer than that of Raspberry Pi 4B. Please refer to the size chart of Pi 2 to choose the appropriate installation location.