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Sumarfrí: Afgreiðsla pantana mun taka 2-3 virka daga, gildir til 6. ágúst
Sumarfrí: Afgreiðsla pantana er 2-3 virkir dagar

BigTreeTech Panda Lux ljós fyrir Bambu Lab prentara

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Öflugt LED ljós fyrir Bambu Lab P1 og X1 printers. Auðvelt í uppsetningu þar sem ljósið er með seglum á bakhliðinni.

The Panda Lux is a high-brightness LED light bar specially designed for Bambu Lab P1/X1 series printers. It provides bright illumination for the print area, allowing users to easily monitor the printing process and quickly identify any issues.

Feature Highlight

  • High-Level Brightness: 31 LEDs and 6000K color temperature provide clear illumination for the print area.
  • Front-Facing Illumination: Front-facing design avoids direct light into the eyes, reducing glare and protecting eyesight.
  • Magnetic Installation: Easy to install with magnetic mounting, no tools required.
  • Original Screen Control: Control the Panda Lux via the printer's original screen for seamless integration.
  • Aluminum Alloy Housing: High-quality aluminum alloy housing ensures efficient heat dissipation and extends the LED light's lifespan.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Bambu Lab P1/X1 series printers.


Voltage 5V
Color Temperature Pure White, 6000K
Waterproof No
Lifespan Up To 36,000 Hours
Cable Length 100mm
Compatibility For Bambu Lab X1/P1 Series Printers


Packaging List

Installation Instructions

The following instructions use the Bambu Lab P1P as an example.

Step 1: Attach the Panda Lux to the underside of the printer's front door frame, centering it in place.

*The Panda Lux has built-in magnets that allow for easy installation. For additional reinforcement, double-sided adhesive tapes are included in the package but are not required.

Step 2: Remove the protective cover off of the AP board if you are installing on a P1 printer (USB port PCB) or open the plastic cover on the right side of the frame if you are installing on a X1 printer.

Step 3: As shown in the image, route the Panda Lux cable along the edge seam to the top.

*For additional stability to prevent the cable from moving, use the electrical tape provided in the package to secure the cable firmly to the door frame.

Step 4: Disconnect the stock light bar connector from the AP board.

Step 5: Connect the Panda Lux cable connector on the adapter board.

Step 6: Peel off the double-sided tape on the bottom of the adapter board and stick it on a suitable location.

Step 7: Insert one end of the connection cable into the AP board's stock light bar port, and insert the other end of the connection cable into the adapter board.

Note: The stock lightbar connector location on X1 series is on the left side of the frame behind the plastic cover.

Step 8: Install the protective cover back onto the AP board (close the plastic cover for X1 printers).

Installation Tutorial