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add:north RigidX svart PETG Carbon Fiber

frá Add North
Verð 7.750 kr - Verð 13.175 kr
7.750 kr
7.750 kr - 13.175 kr
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SKU ANRX15BLA - PETG RigidX Black 500gr.
Þyngd: 500gr.
  • Carbon fiber-reinforced PETG
  • Chemical, heat and UV-resistance
  • Unique surface finish (hides layer lines)

Add North’s Rigid X is a carbon fiber reinforced PETG filament. It combines the excellent chemical, heat and UV-resistance of regular PETG, along with the strength and stiffness of carbon fibers. It also adds about 10-20°C in heat resistance, making it the perfect material for a broad range of demanding applications, such as vehicle parts, fixtures or jiggs.

Rigid X is effortless to print. You can easily achieve maximum layer adhesion and a beautiful surface finish, with zero warping. Because of the higher print temperatures, starting at 245 °C, we recommend an all metal hotend. Rigid X is a highly abrasive filament that requires a hardened steel nozzle or equivalent. Nozzle X works very well for printing all our abrasive filaments.

Rigid X is available in black and a green camo color.

For additional printing advice, check out our cheat sheets for recommended slicer settings in Cura, Simplify 3D and PrusaSlicer. 

Rigid X, together with all our other filaments, are made in Sweden and have a diameter tolerance of ±0.025mm.