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Anycubic Photon Mono M5 (218x123x200mm)

frá Anycubic
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64.900 kr
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Nýjasti prentarinn frá Anycubic er á leiðinni til landsins! Væntanlegur 15 september.

12K Exquisite Details

Photon Mono M5 is the first to feature a 10.1-inch monochrome LCD screen with a resolution of 11520*5120, with a horizontal pixel size of 19 μm, which can offer printing details as precise as a hair thickness. The contrast ratio is 480:1, making the model's edges clear and well-defined.

Anycubic App

Popular sliced models/STLs available for you to experience 3D printing in just one touch. Task viewing ensures your printing process in control.

Upgraded Anycubic Photon Workshop 3.1

Better Slicing Experience: The upgraded free self-developed slicer Anycubic Photon Workshop 3.1 brings you an even better slicing experience in punching, supporting, shelling and layout arranging.Simplified UI makes slicing easier. The new model repairing function also helps boost the printing success rate.

New Support Algorithm: The new support algorithm further improve the printing stability and success rate, reduce the damage on the model surface, and the support and bottom valve are easier to remove. Realize one-click repair of damaged models, comprehensively improve the speed of punching and slicing, and make slicing easier to use.

Professional and Easy To Use

Using the laser-engraving process for the printing platform, allows the build plate to have a better flatness than the sandblasting platforms, which can effectively enhance the adhesion of the model, reduce the situation of the printing model falling off and warping, and greatly improve the printing success rate.

Stable Operation With the Dual Linear Rails

Adopt a high-stability and precision dual linear rails lead screw Z axis, combined with a high-wear-resistant POM clearance nut, to ensure the precise operation of the Z-axis micron-level without shaking, effectively eliminating the layer grain and displaying the beauty of details.

In the Box


Tech Specs

Machine Weight: 8.6kg
Machine Dimensions: 460x270x290mm(HWD) 
Printing Volume: 5.4L
Printing Dimensions: 200x218x123mm(HWD)
Printing Speed: 20-50mm/hr.
Machine Leveling: 4-point manual leveling
Light Source: LED matrix UV light source
Z Axis: Double liners with 10 μm
Resin Vat: Unibody design with scale lines
Exposure Screen: 10.1" monochrome
12K(11,520 x 5,120px) resolution
480:1 contrast ratio
4.7 % light transmittance
2,000 hours typical lifespan
Build Platform: Laser engraving aluminum alloy
Control Panel: 4.3" TFT touch-control
Removable Cover: Effectively blocks UV radiation
Oversized Protection Film: Replaceable anti-scratch film
Power Supply: 100W rated power
Data Input: USB Type-A 2.0、WIFI