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Creality AI myndavél fyrir K1 og K1 Max

frá 3D VERK
Verð 7.490 kr - Verð 7.490 kr
7.490 kr
7.490 kr - 7.490 kr
Verð nú 7.490 kr
með VSK
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K1 / K1 Max AI Camera

Creality K1 AI camera monitors your print to guarantee a higher success rate. The camera watches over failure, foreign objects, debris etc, and will alert when an error occurs. It also supports real-time monitoring and creates time-lapses for sharing.


  • HD Quality True-to-Life Video: Real-time viewing of printing status through Creality Cloud or Creality Print.
  • Time-lapse Filming: Log in to Creality Cloud to automatically create time-lapses for sharing.
  • Keeps an Eye out for failure and stops printing: The camera detects foreign objects and other printing failures before and during printing. When a failure is detected, the printing will automatically be stopped to reduce waste of filament.
  • Easy to Install