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Extrudr ASA DuroPro Carbon Fiber - 750gr.

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Litur: Black

DuraPro ASA CF - 750 gr.

The new DuraPro ASA CF has been specially developed for industrial applications and is characterised by its high UV and weather resistance. It is therefore particularly suitable for automotive and outdoor applications. The material is fire retardant according to UL94 HB. DuraPro ASA has been optimised for the FFF/FDM process, so the material has good layer adhesion, thermal stability, improved flow properties and low warping. 

  • UV and weather resistant
  • Matt surface
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good layer and bed adhesion
  • Low Warping
Product properties

Product Information

Maximum stress

DuraPro ASA is very robust and is therefore widely used in industrial applications. 

Elongation at break

DuraPro ASA is flexible and offers a relatively high stiffness. 

High temperature resistant

DuraPro ASA is thermally very stable and therefore has a good heat deflection temperature up to 96°C (VICAT VST).

Ease of printing

The material is suitable for advanced users especially in the industrial sector. For larger objects an enclosed build area is required.

Visual Quality

DuroPro ASA has a matt, non-gloss surface that is of very high quality.

Layer adhesion

Special additives optimise the layer adhesion of DuraPro ASA. DuraPro is optimised for the FFF/FDM process.

Impact resistant

DuraPro ASA has an above average impact resistance.

Speed: 40-60 mm/s 
Printing Temperature: 225-250 °C 
Print Bed Temperature : 100-110 °C 
Cooling fan : 0-30%

Material Data Sheet