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Creality Fast Resin Grátt - 1kg.

frá Creality
Verð 5.990 kr - Verð 5.990 kr
5.990 kr
5.990 kr - 5.990 kr
Verð nú 5.990 kr
með VSK
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Faster printing speed,Quick curing and excellent fluidity

Creality Quick Resin is specially formulated to have low viscosity and good fluidity, which effectively improves printing speed and brings you more efficient printing experience.

Sturdy model , Good flexibility and rigidity

The printed parts after curing have excellent impact strength and high mechanical performance, making them more sturdy.

During resin curing, the shrinkage rate is low, the heat release is low the film-forminn stabilitv is hinh and the pulling force is lighter, which is more suitable for high-speed printing and has a higher printing success rate.

Low odor, easy to clean

The odor produced during the printing process is low. and the model can be cleaned simply with alcohol. giving vou a better experience.