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Bambu Lab Dual-Sided Textured PEI plata

frá Bambu Lab
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Prentflötur fyrir Bambu Lab X1 og P1P prentara, er með hrjúfri áferð á báðum hliðum.

Bambu Lab X1 Series / P1P Dual-Sided Textured PEI Plate

The Bambu Dual-sided Textured PEI Plate is a flexible magnetic build plate with sprayed dual-sided PEI coating. During printing, the plate will provide excellent adhesion and easy print removal after cooling.

Surface Finish

The Bambu Dual-sided Textured PEI Plate uses sprayed PEI to provide a tactile matte surface to areas of the model that touch the build plate

Installation Steps

Step 1: Align the plate with the fixed points of the platform with the name of the plate facing you

Step 2: Lower the plate and secure to the magnetic platform


  • When printing filament with a heat deflection temperature below 60℃ (such as PLA, PVA, TPU) the hotbed temperature is set above 45℃ and it is recommended to open the front glass door and remove the upper glass cover plate to avoid heat creep that can cause the material to soften, leading to abnormal extrusion or clogs
  • The Automatic Calibration for Flow Rate is not recommended, as the LIDAR will have trouble correctly reading the print surface and the calibration can be affected
  • Regularly clean the print surface with dish soap and hot water to eliminate any dust or grease residue, which might cause bad adhesion
  • Do not clean the Textured PEI with Acetone, as it might damage the PEI surface
  • Always wait for a few minutes before removing printed models to allow them to cool down for easy print removal

Recommended Settings