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PrimaCreator nFEP filmur fyrir 3D prentara 270x200mm (2 stk)

Verð 5.190 kr - Verð 5.190 kr
5.190 kr
5.190 kr - 5.190 kr
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nFEP filma sem passar í flesta prentara stærð 270x200mm 2 stk í pakkanum

PrimaCreator nFEP combines the properties of FEP and PTFE, which gives you the ultimate non-stick surface. This reduces the risk that your objects get ripped off from the build plate and getting stuck in the tank. This is how nFEP reduces the risk of failed prints.

Since objects are less likely to stick to the film, less force is required to lift the build plate on each curing cycle, causing less strain on the motor in your printer. It also causes less strain and less ben bending motions on the nFEP sheet itself, making it last longer before wearing out. nFEP is also smoother then regular FEP, to make sure you get the best print quality possible.

PrimaCreator nFEP film sheets are made of high quality material to ensure high light transmittance and good reliability.