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Extrudr Flax Natural 1.1 kg. 1.75mm

frá Extrudr
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Verð 8.624 kr
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Extrudr's Flax filament is a new development in the biocompound range.
The filament is made of 100% renewable and natural raw materials.

In contrast to PLA, which is degradable only under certain laboratory conditions, the material re-enters 100% of its natural cycle.
Therefore, the Extrudr Flax is CO2-neutral and ecologically harmless.

The new Biocompound filaments are a non-toxic alternative to traditional filaments.

Application :The Flax filament has a unique surface with a pearly silvery look.
In the sun, the filament generates unique reflections, making the filament ideal for special designs.

Extrudr's organic filament also complies with all provisions of the European Food Contact Regulation.

Flax comes from our bio design series. Thanks to added mineral fillers, the material enables high production speeds. Flax is therefore particularly suitable for rapid prototyping as well as sophisticated design products.

  • Low Shrinking and Warping
  • Food-safe and FDA-approved
  • Biodegradable according to DIN EN ISO 14855
  • 100% natural raw materials
  • Unique appearance
  • Easily compostable
  • Co2 neutral
  • 1.75mm
Maximum Stress
Elongation at Break
very good
Temperature Resistance
up to 60°C
Ease of Printing
Visual Quality
mineral, sandstone-like surface feel
Layer Adhesion
Impact Resistance