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Creality 1080p myndavél

frá Creality
Verð 5.980 kr - Verð 5.980 kr
5.980 kr
5.980 kr - 5.980 kr
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Creality CRCC-S7 HD 1080P Myndavél

Virkar sem USB myndavél í OctoPrint.

Real-time view frees your printing:

HD1080P Web Camera can be used to further control the printer remotely with Creality Box to monitor 3D printer online on Creality Cloud APP.

Creality Box only works HD 1080P Web Camera. It is not compatible with other cameras on the market.

Simple and Exquisite:

Smooth lines, pocket size design, small and exquisite 180° adjustable knob, adjust to the best angle at your work with a tripod, picture is more stable.

Product Parameters

  • Name: HD 1080P Web Camera
  • Product size: 69.23x30.7x24.5mm
  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Video format: H.265/MJPG/YUY2
  • Focus: 40cm
  • Processor: FH8852
  • Minimum illumination: <10LUX
  • Viewing angle: D=70.6°/ H=63.6°/ V=38°
  • Support standard: UVC/V4L2