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Siraya Tech Easy grátt - 1kg.

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Ertu að leita að plastefni á viðráðanlegu verði sem er fljótt að prenta, fljótt að þrífa og ekki brothætt? Þá skaltu ekki leita lengra en Fast resin frá Siraya Tech. Þetta plastefni er tilvalið til að prenta fallega hönnun eins og smámyndir og leikmuni.
Looking for a resin that is easy to print, easy to smell, and easy on your wallet? Then look no further than Easy resin by Siraya Tech. This resin is ideal for printing beautiful designs and is easy to clean and sand when needed.
  • Fast Curing
  • Low Shrinkage
  • Wide compatibility with LCD and DLP printers
  • Great resolution and color
  • 8K compatable

Easy is developed by the same team that broughtyou engineering resins like the strong and precise Blu or the tough and elastic Tenacious. Our goal is to create an affordable resin that helps new users to get the most out of their resin's printer with less frustration.


In general, we recommend use Ethanol (preferred) or IPA and a painter brush (or any brush made of hair) to remove uncured resins. Ultrasonic cleaner is not needed and sometimes not recommended.

We also recommend use 390-405nm UV light for post curing. For hard to cure resins like Blu and Tenacious, submerge in water will speed up curing. For Fast and Simple, submerge is not needed. Prints should be dried before post curing.