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Extrudr Flex Hard 58D - 500 gr.

by Extrudr
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FLEX Hard CF - 500 gr.

TPU Flex Hard Carbon combines the 2 worlds of fibre composites and the extremely resistant and durable elastomer based on polycaprolactone polyester. The carbon reinforces the TPU and makes it more resistant and stiffer. It also creates an outstanding carbon look. The material is also very easy to process and has very low warping. It was specially developed for industrial applications. The material is optimised for the FFF/FDM process in terms of thermal stability and better flow properties. The raw material is compliant with REACH and RoHS standards.

  • Extreme layer bonding
  • Carbon optics
  • Very low warping
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Free of silicone, plasticisers and oil
  • Free from halogen
  • UV resistant
  • Hardened steel nozzle and min. nozzle diameter of 0,5mm is recommended


Product properties
Product properties

Product Information

Maximum Stress

TPU Flex Carbon is one of the most resilient materials currently available for FDM/FFF processes.

Elongation at Break

TPU Flex Hard Carbon reaches its maximum tensile stretch capacity at 320% elongation.

Operation Temperature

TPU Flex Hard Carbon is temperature-resistant up to 138 °C.

Ease of Printing

TPU Flex Carbon is suitable for printers with Bowden extruder. Due to its flexibility, water retention, and temperature resistance properties, TPU Flex should primarly be used by experienced users.

Visual Quality

Flex Hard Carbon is matt and has a beautiful carbon surface.

Layer Adhesion

TPU Flex has extremely good layer adhesion. The layers cannot be separated using human strength.

Impact Resistance

TPU Flex has excellent impact strength and is therefore suitable for extreme industrial applications.


Speed: 20-30 mm/s
Printing Temperature: 230-250 °C
Print Bed Temperature : 50-60 °C