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Sendum samdægurs alla virka daga þegar pantað er fyrir 13:00

Endurskins REFLECT-O-LAY 125gr.

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4.380 kr
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Það er ekki á hverjum degi sem maður fær á borð prentþráð sem er bæði saumanlegt á fatnað og með endurskyn eins og endurskynsmerki hér í gamla daga. Frábært efni fyrir hönnuði á öllum aldri sem vilja prufa eitthvað nýtt.

Prentið hægt fyrir sem mest endurskyn við 200C +/- 10C.

Þyngd: 120-127g í pakka.

They will "glow“ when lighted up by other light beams at road or highways. The filament is flexible and filled with millions of reflective pigments. This pigments occour as little dots out of the surface of the filament and of course after printing. They send incoming light back, as the pictures shows.

Main features

  • Reflective filament (Endurskin)
  • Resilient and flexible
  • In normal light inconspicuous gray
  • Millions of reflection particles
  • Very high print quality
  • No heated print bed needed


    Everyone knows the reflectors on the bike or jacket, which have already saved many lives at night. This reflective filament for 3D printers offers exactly this property with its reflective pigments. Whether you want to be the star at the next party or increase safety in traffic with reflective accessories from the 3D printer is up to you.

    Retro-reflective objects - what things may you print?

    • Fashion accessoires
    • Safety gadgets for bikers
    • To sew on patches
    • Laser reflective
    • Big distance marking points
    • Parts for experimental cars



    • 0,4 mm nozzle, sticks well at roughened capton and most other
    • cold to 60° plattform
    • 210°C / cold (20°C) or hot plattform
    • best refelction effect with low feeding rate