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Bambu Lab PLA-CF - 1kg.

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Litur: Burgundy Red

Bambu PLA-CF is carbon fiber reinforced PLA with improved stiffness and strength. PLA-CF is easy to print and beginner-friendly like regular PLA. It is AMS compatible with low clogging risk at high-speed printing. The prints are in matte finish with almost invisible layer lines, which make it suitable for printing general engineering parts or models requiring a better appearance, like bike frames, brackets and toys.


Carbon fiber texture & Minimized layer lines

The addition of carbon fiber gives prints a unique matte finish and effectively hides layer lines, providing a smooth, premium look.

pla cf
pla cf

Display of Prints

Bambu PLA-CF could be paired with any PLA series filament to make your prints more colorful and achieve various texture requirements.

pla cf

Improved mechanical properties

Bambu PLA-CF exceeds the mechanical properties of PLA Matte in XY Bending Strength, Z Bending Strength, XY Bending Modulus, Z Bending Modulus, XY Impact Strength, and Z Impact Strength by between 20% and 115%, making it more suitable for printing models with higher strength requirements.

pla cf 

Mechanical Properties Comparison

PLA Matte PLA-CF Improved %
Tensile Strength - XY/MPa 32 38 19%
Tensile Strength - Z/MPa 25 26 4%
Bending Strength - XY/MPa 53 89 68%
Bending Strength - Z/MPa 32 49 53%
Bending Modulus - XY/MPa 2360 3950 67%
Bending Modulus - Z/MPa 2040 2260 10%
Impact Strength - XY/(kJ/m²) 19.2 23.2 20%
Impact Strength - Z/(kJ/m²) 6.6 7.8 18%

*Drying PLA is recommended for humid environments at 55 °C for 8 hours before printing.


Stablized printing dimension

Bambu PLA-CF features low shrinkage and warping resistance to achieve a perfect matching accuracy between prints parts.

Minimal effort in support removal

Bambu PLA-CF is designed to support itself. It can be removed more easily compared to regular PLA, and still maintains a smooth support surface.

pla cf

Not prone to clogging in high-speed printing

Bambu PLA-CF is just as easy to print as regular PLA. It can be printed smoothly and consistently at high speed without clogging.

pla cf

RFID for Intelligent Printing

All printing parameters are embedded in RFID, which can be read through our AMS (Automatic Material System). Load and print! No more tedious setting steps.

pla cf